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2004-2009 Toyota Prius Nav conversion info

Hello, My name is Steve Woodruff.Many of you have emailed to inquire how to install NAVigation into a standard non nav Prius.The easy answer is it cannot be done easily because
  • the non nav prius does not have the wire harnesses for the steering wheel controls, or
  • the microphone in the overhead console
  • or, the buttons on the multifunction display,
  • or the plugs for the nav unit under the drivers seat.
   Now, if you have decided against a nice aftermarket unit then you might check out this productit is an interface for your MFD. If you still want to pursue adding factory nav, I have this information to share.The Nav voice uses the factory JBL amplifier under the passenger seat for audio. Therefore you will also need the factory JBL stereo system( I once exchanged a drivers door from a non nav car to a nav car and the Nav quit speaking!) the Schematic showed that the audio for nav is routed throughthe drivers door! The cure was to install the original door harness into the new door.
If you still want to Add factory navyou will need
  • a donor car to get the wire harnesses ( perhaps buy one from us) (the cost for a nav harness is 800 and requires 16 hours of labor to install)
  • a schematic ( see ebay or the this Toyota tech website)
  • nav unit with dvd
  • nav antenna
  • nav multifunction display ( be advised the NAV touchscreen has an additional circuit board), a non-nav screen is not upgradable
  • (I know this because we offer touchscreen repair here)
  • nav steering wheel controls
  • jbl sound system
  • stuff I have forgotten to list
  • new info! aftermarket prius radio replacements are now available with a built in nav and video screen!