Rebuilt Prius cars and parts! MFD Repair and HV Battery Replacement

2011 Nissan LEAF Battery Pack Detail

"Make like a Tree And.."

24 cells in the back and 12 on each side in the front


one BMS

this is half the pack voltage

Pre-charge contactor and mains contactors...

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The payback is immediate for driving an electric car, because it is using so much less energy.

Treehugger reports getting 5.1 miles per kWh in their test drive of the Leaf.

If you convert the Versa's mileage of 26 miles per gallon into the same units it would be the equivalent of 1.4 miles per kWh.

That means that a Leaf drives 3.6 times the distance of a Versa on the same amount of energy or the equivalent of 94 miles on a gallon of gas.

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