Rebuilt Prius cars and parts! MFD Repair and HV Battery Replacement

All Electric Toyota Prius

newest project is an all EV insight! fall 2010

Status report as of Feb 27 2009

this 10kw/h Thundersky pack is expected to provide over 30 miles of Electric driving

All electric Prius Nov 2008

This poor Prius was double totaled, while awaiting repair after a front collision, it was completely flooded after heavy rains in southern Indiana. acquired it and gutted it.

New interior and wire harnesses from another 2007 Prius have been installed.

We assembled an empty engine block and installed it, in order to support the transmission and motor mounts.

Notice the engine has a " ventilated block" from previous failure.

Nov 18 2008 work continues...

Demo of the all electric prius click above!

We lost 176 lbs by removing the tank,heads, manifoilds, crank, etc. not to mention the weight of gasoline,coolers, and fans.

Spoofing the state of charge helps keep the hybrid ecu from limiting range. I believe you will need about 5kw minimum to make a reliable electric range prius. Remember to keep a little in reserve to limp home if you deplete the main pack. I also believe that spinning the MG1 within the transmission would make a super high mpg hybrid. that is to say spin it with a small displacement ICE , perhaps air cooled. sort of sacrificing high end speed for high mpg.