Rebuilt Prius cars and parts! MFD Repair and HV Battery Replacement

vin decoder decoder here is a great tool for decoding vin numbers

Toyota Recall

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MPG tips and tricks

Drive slower ( up to 70 mph) inflate your tires a little over ( I use 50psi instead of 44) pulse and glide driving habbits Install Michelin Energy MXV4 Plus tires with low rolling resistance or General Exclaim UHP install an EV mode switch and use it […]

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Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery #70..this one we call flipper….he was upside down! Flipper, done 2-28-08 Photo Gallery number 62 Steve Woodruff and George Gladic with his Plug in Hybrid Prius number 73 Sold to Marc Barlow, Louisville Ky Feb 2008 number 74 sold Jan 2008 76 Feb 2008 2008 […]

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Photo Gallery 2

Photo Gallery Before/After 2006 number 48 Photo Gallery 2006 number 44 2005 number 43 2004 with nav (number 46) car number 34b 2006 Prius Gopi’s 05 Tim Ward’s 05 Greg’s 04 number 30 for us   Paster Paul and his 2005 package 8 Oct 30 2006 Two […]

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2004-2009 Toyota Prius Nav conversion info

Hello, My name is Steve Woodruff. Many of you have emailed to inquire how to install NAVigation into a standard non nav Prius. The easy answer is it cannot be done easily because the non nav prius does not have the wire harnesses for the steering wheel […]

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