Rebuilt Prius cars and parts! MFD Repair and HV Battery Replacement


Hi Steve, I'm interested in a used Prius (my commute is 109 miles/day to work), and I've been watching your site for a while. I'm interesed in the 2009 Prius you have listed ...and would like to know what an Indiana Rebuilt title really means to loan companies, insurance people, etc.. I'm going to drive whatever vehicle into the ground, so if it's repaired properly and looks nice, I really don't care. What else can you tell me about this and/or any other nice Prii you have? Thanks, I would be pleased to have your business. Most lenders wont make a loan on a vehicle with salvage history, ( depending on who is asking for the loan) this forces most of our customers to get a personal loan or an equity loan. In my experience, Farmers Insurance is the only company that will not offer " full" coverage for a rebuilt vehicle. the Pruii we have arrive here as " salvage" and after repair and inspection by an officer, the state issues a " rebuilt" title this indicates to any future owner the car has collision history. You should expect to pay 20-25% less for such a vehicle... and that is the whole idea... to save money. we warranty our repaired prius cars for a year, unconditionally " if it breaks, we will fix it"How much does it cost to convert a Prius into a Plug in Hybrid?Please follow this link