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Canadian Shipments Info

Hi Steve:
 I finally received my display screen after having it sit in customs for the better part of a week. Now just have to get it reinstalled and it's done. Just to let you know the cost I paid at my door is $97.80 Can. That includes a $53.05 brokerage fee and $44.75 in Canadian taxes. So if anyone asks from Canada the total cost to ship this unit there and back is in the neighbourhood of $135 Canadian. I think it would be good for your Canadian customers to know this in advance (the $97.80 cost), so they are not surprised at the door. Thanks again, looking forward to having the unit back in service.
On 2010-07-01, at 6:08 AM, Steve Woodruff wrote:
I have repaired it, and we are now testing the unit.
I prefer to test it a little longer than usual, because of the difficulty sending across the border twice if you experience a problem.
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Sent: Wednesday, June 30, 2010 11:29 PM
Subject: Re: 04 Prius malfunctioning MFD
Hi Steve:
My postal tracking number shows my MFD arrived at your address. I trust all is well with shipment and that I will hear from you once you have examined or repaired it.
On 2010-06-24, at 12:48 PM, Steve Woodruff wrote:
Hello Gord!
Please follow these shipping instructions
the cost will be 325 US
Visa will be acceptable
Jenny or I will call you for payment when the unit is ready to ship back to you.
please attach your phone and name to the unit.
Regards, Steve
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Subject: 04 Prius malfunctioning MFD
Hi Steve:
I got your name and business from the guys on Prius Chat. I am the owner of an 04 Prius with an MFD that is beginning to malfunction as per the details on chat threads. Intermittent connection, with message saying AC not working, or words to that effect. I had the technician at a Toyota dealership remove it for me so that I might send it to you.
Just wondering what the procedure is from Canada. I live in Vancouver BC. Not worried about the shipping as much as payment details. I will be shipping the defective unit, less bezel as soon as I hear from you. Can you tell me about payment? Would a Visa be ok and when and how do I give you those details?
I see by your web site that the fee for repair is $375 US. Appreciate you letting me know more. Thanks in advance.