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Our rebuilt prius cars for sale

We buy collision damaged prius cars from insurance companies, fix them and sell them for less

All electric Prius Nov 2008

Demo of the all electric prius click above!

and a link to our Youtube videos!

Used prius parts for sale

we accept paypal and Credit Cards.We have dozens of Prius parts cars... 2004 and newer only!Honda Insight with a prius heartwith more links to how the toyota transmission works

the prius truck number 2

it is for sale!

another plug in prius blog


other than prius toys we sell


The prius LIMO

also for sale

Our ongoing plug in priusproject

How to break the 33 mph all electric barriernow we have 70mph EV mode!

prius accessories


our photo gallery now 3 pages

Before and after photoscorrected EAA websiteEAA website oldThis is the place to start for Plug in Hybrid information
new buildingour new building spring 2009

Prius nav voice commands

How to talk to your Prius

our home Page

Prius With a Trailer Hitch

Results of placing a trailer hitch on your Prius, 40 mpg at highway speeds


861 S Gardner Scottsburg IndianaNAV Conversion info NOTnew information about radio replacement!many people ask if Navigation can be added to a non-nav prius....this explains why not

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Prius Hacks and tips

turn off that reverse beep!

photos folder

the Photos folder for

Hobbit's reverse engineering

more reverse engineering

Photo of Hobbit

feedback about us

"About me" page from eBay

Who Killed The Electric Car?

you gotta see this

plug in hybrids get 100 mpg  

How to replace a mirror

100 plus shipping more for a color cover

Prius Tech Tips

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Carbon Day

charging stations
Our Convertible Priusa tree fell on it

search for priuschat!the largest forum !

Kris Altmillers Prius


tech tips from eaa-phev

diagnostic screen access

Touchscreen MFD repair

we repair MFD's for 325

hybrid school for college instructors

YouTube videos fromImwoody36click to see all of Steve Woodruff's Prius hacking videos

HHO , Hydrogen, Oxyhydrogen Prius

Electrolysis of water as a fuel?test results are documented here

Famous People in the PHEV industry we have had the pleasure of meeting

Iowa Prius service and sales

Kent Hieronymus's blog

and another one

about his PHEV from us.............................. and an update june 2009
install homelink mirrorwe sell mirrors for 80 dollars

exploding prius

We supplied a Stunt Double Prius for the film "woodshop"

Who will service my Prius?

send your links and we will include your name here
Ewert energy systemsChris and Andrew Ewertpioneers of the 70 mph pure ev prius conversion

Berkeley based phev conversion company
Toyota press release plug in hybridplug in your prius.

the least expensive phevOur friend Jack Chen
carbon footprint data   
lithium batteries   


another good youtube phev video from plugin partners

Oak Ridge Lab

prius reverse engineeringWe purchased the oak ridge Prius, replaced the engine and sold it to Felicia in Illinois

How to do it, (the eaa-phev way)

The original prius plug in conversion repository of information

Team Global-E

We were contenders for the progressive X-Prize( made it into the top 5) hooray!
 phev info!CANVIEWLuscious GarageContact our friend Carolyn CoquilletteWell qualified Prius repair in California
Microsoft WORD to slow? click here 



rough sketch

a sample lithium battery management system from EVcastblogs and a lovely right hand drive prius


a scan tool for Controller area network with a link to Atilla Vass's original Prius software decoding site
 screw the phev conversion industry

Roper prius conversion

another prius conversion

The Prius

The Toyota sales site
We also perform economy tuning for the prius for 99 dollarsask for details and current pricingcompare to 199 dollars elsewhere 

Chris and Andrew Ewert

See the pruii?they came from before being converted to phev's
need a classic prius battery pack?Click here for 01 prius partscool accessorys , SEAT extenders, trailer hitches, iPod interfaces, Leather seatsJuiced Hybrids
 Recycle those electronic productsPrius Brake pads last over 100k miles!click here to find out why
Fire Safety training 

Prius plug- in destroyed by Fire in California...

According to nfpa today in america 786 gas powered cars will burn

avoiding Hail Damage
radio dimensionsgen tworeplace struts how-to comparison of 2nd gen and 3rd gen prius parts  
blog about the prius truck   
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