Rebuilt Prius cars and parts! MFD Repair and HV Battery Replacement
new gen 2 battery 003

Prius High Voltage (HV) Battery

$895.00 $775.00

Prius HV battery with 6 month warranty and additional 6 month pro-rated warranty

Core exchanged required

Product Description

hv battery 003 hv battery 004 hv battery 002 Cell NiMh Battery Prius battery cells new gen 2 battery 004
new prius battery

new prius battery

Welcome to AutoBeYours.comyour Prius parts sourcewe have been repairing Prius's all day, Every day since 2005.We are the nations's Largest Prius Recycler.If you are in need of a replacement HV battery, there are two choicesnew for 2495 plus 200 for installationor Rebuilt for 775 plus 120 for installation.You would expect 10 years of useful life from a new batteryyou would expect 1 to 5 years from a rebuilt battery.The fact is,Nobody can predict the life of a used battery, although we can test it very well and tell  the condition TODAY. 
We understand your time is valuable, and have the experience to make your repair process as easy as possible, this includes advice and correct answers.Our  full time technicians install matching cells and new cell connection tabs, but that is not all, they perform  many tests including internal resistance and then test your new battery in a prius for at least 100 miles.