Rebuilt Prius cars and parts! MFD Repair and HV Battery Replacement
MFD with new Resistive Touch Panel 005

Prius MultiFunction Display (MFD) touchscreen

$1,495.00 $325.00

04-09 prius MFD repair, dead screen? wont respond to button presses? we can help! only 325 including shipping

Product Description

Welcome to DaytonaHybrids.comyour Prius parts sourcewe have been repairing Prius's all day, Every day since 2005.We are the nations's Largest Prius Recycler.
Does Your screen not work?Just ship it to us for repair, it only takes a few days and we warranty the repair for a year!you may find easy to follow removal instructions here is a 2 minute removal video Frequently Asked Questions:( FAQ's)Can I still drive the car with the MFD removed?, .......Yes you may use the steering wheel controls for some fuctions.Q? How long does the work take? ................1 to 5 days plus shippingQ? Do you give a warranty?......................yes, 12 months. ( excluding cracked Glass caused by you)Q? Do you accept paypal?A. YES, ....also Master Card and Visa. You will receive an invoice via email when the unit is ready to be returned to you. ( be sure to include your email address). we will send an invoice via email when the unit is ready to be returned to you there will be a " pay now" link on the invoice. if you pay this way you will receive TRACKING info quickerQ? Do I need to call you before sending it? ......NO, .it is not necessary, but you may call if you like. 812-752-5050, remember we prefer to communicate via EmailQ?Do you know if there is a problem sending engine parts across the US/Canada border? parts have not been a problem, you may pay a tarif. The value is declared as 300 dollars.Q? I have resoldered my mfd and it still does not work, can you fix it?A. NO, do not send an mfd here if there has been a failed attempt at repair.Q? Do you resolder them?A. We replace defective surface mounted Caps.Q can you replace cracked glass from a suction cup being attached ?A. YES! finally after two years of searching, We can now repair broken touch screens!Q? I just got my MFD back and it still does not work, what could be wrong?A. unplug any foreign interface like a sat radio, or mp3 player jack. then try again. We test every MFD in a Prius before returning to you.Q? are you repairing 2006 thru 2009 MFD's?A. Yes, if the screen is cracked or if it does not register a button press we can replace the glass and fix this issue.( new info Feb 2015 , a dead 2006-2009 MFD can now be repaired, we found a solution to this common problem)Q? I shipped it and have not heard anything for a few days, whats wrong?A. We cannot contact you if you did not include your contact information ( email and/or phone,)also, please give us a few days to perform the repair before calling. we prefer to communicate via EMAILPlease note that new resistive touch panels are exact replacementsQ? how much to you pay for broken prius MFDs?A. 30 dollars delivered hereWe want you to be happy with our service,Thank you for looking and check out our feedback!We will be happy to answer any questions.Visit the "about me" page on ebay for more information about hybrids and AutoBeYours.comthis page was updated October 28th 2015.we work hard to save you money!visit the "about me" page on ebay for more information Ship your MFD to 861 South Gardner St Scottsburg, In 47170Florida Customers: ship to: AutoBeYours-South 621 S. Park Ave Titusville Fl 32796Please note AutoBeYours-South is " under construction" and may or may not be open every day call first 812-752-5050