Rebuilt Prius cars and parts! MFD Repair and HV Battery Replacement

Photo Gallery 2

Photo GalleryBefore/After
2006 number 48
Photo Gallery2006 number 44
2005 number 43
2004 with nav (number 46)
car number 34b
2006 Prius
Gopi's 05
Tim Ward's 05
Greg's 04number 30 for us

Paster Paul and his 2005 package 8Oct 30 2006
Two 2005 prui for Merrilyn and JohnOct 25 2006
2004 Prius number 28
26 was sold unrepaired to Andy for his hybrid diesel project, 27 is a parts car.
Gray 2005 Prius number 25
going to MD
White number 24
after now in Tx
04 Prius Before..
After now in Southern In
Before05 Prius
now in CA
Before05 Prius
After now in NM
Before04 Prius
After now in Hanover In
Before03 Avalanche
Before03 Navigator
After pet vet vehicle
Before05 Prius
After( Silver,) wife drives it ( paint matches now)
After04 Prius this was number 2prius now a local Indiana car
Before05 Prius
After now in Texas
Before 05 prius
After now in Missouri 

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