Rebuilt Prius cars and parts! MFD Repair and HV Battery Replacement

You have reached the Prius Aux battery preliminary drawing.

This is extremely raw, just an outline here for the high speed stealth pagegot volts? click to see our first plug in Hybrid or PHEVThis is the parallel battery methodI am working on a Graphical user interface to assist the driver in setting the phev parameters. it will also take into consideration the soc, ccl and dcl. This is a pic microcontroller on an I/O boardThis is 1 of 20 li-ion battery packs. it is 13 voltsclick here for battery informationclick here for the Electric Auto Association-Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicle website CAN bus decoding link and here is yet another cell management IC supplier click here,1477,ISL9216,0.html  Steve Woodruff ( and George GladicM