Rebuilt Prius cars and parts! MFD Repair and HV Battery Replacement

Prius Connect Android App

 A Prius wireless trouble code scanner click here for the video

This is currently only available for Android operating systems.

Cell phones like the T-Mobile Galaxy S, installed with the Android system, can be compatible with this unit.


This is the Bluetooth to OBDII adapter

Beta test units are available for 59 dollars and include the Bluetooth adapter and the voyagerDash software.

New info! the Torque application also works and only costs 4.95 from the android market.

you still need the bluetooth adapter!

Features include

  • common engine data display
  • common data trouble code reading and clearing
  • user selectable gauge positioning
  • data logging for diagnosis or emailing
Future features will include ( free download) anticipated completion Novenber 2010
  • Hybrid vehicle state of charge display
  • hybrid vehicle miles to depletion
  • advanced DTC code reading and clearing
Premium package features to include
  • Y cable for simultaneous use with Plug-in Hybrid conversions
  • user interface for selecting different driving modes such as PURE EV, High Speed EV, Extended Range EV
  • Battery cell monitoring
  • Trip averages
  • more